Quality and Standards

Our Commitment to Customers

MyCareersprofile.com is committed to delivering the very best careers guidance and development resources through the innovative use of leading edge technology and software. The services provided by us are underpinned by professional standards of service delivery, quality and the ethical supply of assessments. Customer experience and care are extremely important to us and we are committed to delivering a service and business experience that is friendly, supportive and informative. We welcome and encourage all forms of feedback as this helps us to improve and evolve the high standards we seek in our products and services.

Products and Service

Our quality statement below explains the criteria we use for ensuring that customers receive the highest quality products possible.  Our focus is that both our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and client engagements meet the needs of our customers. Furthermore our end-users experience with our products and services are reliable and user-friendly.

Product Updates

The online products provided by MyCareersProfile.com have been developed following rigorous process of scientific research and development. Features have been included following extensive reviews of customer feedback about the needs of both careers practitioners and their clients. It is our policy to continue to innovate and evolve our products as customer needs evolve. In developing new features, we gather client feedback from a range of sources including client meetings, presentations, technical and customer support calls and at exhibitions.


We have procedures are in place to conduct rigorous testing of our software before release.  This includes systems, load testing, compliance testing and logical and physical security checks.

Technology Strategy with a Future Focus

Many of the education testing and software systems operating in the market place today have adopted Adobe Flash in their test delivery strategy. MyCareersProfile.com has chosen not to adopt this approach for 2 reasons:

  • Many Apple operating systems will not recognize or allow Flash to work. A significant percentage of the population own an Apple computer or tablet (particularly young people) and therefore using Adobe Flash would restrict many users from accessing tests using this technology.
  • Adobe has announced that they plan to cease operating and providing support for Adobe Flash players.

Our technology strategy involves using the latest open source code and technology using elements that are backwards compatible so that our clients get the very latest innovations, but that they also work well with the majority of internet browsers. As a result we are able to deliver an interactive and high fidelity service for both the test takers and test administrators without the issues experienced using more dated technology strategies.

Technical Support

A free helpline for technical and user support is provided as standard . For more information on our technical support services, please click here.


MyCareersProfile.com employs Web Developers, Programmers, Psychometricians, Statisticians, Occupational psychologists, Careers Guidance and Education Experts to ensure that our products and reference data are accurate, current, comprehensive, unbiased, and fit for purpose.

Equal Opportunities and Accessibility

We are committed to supporting equality of opportunity. Our assessments have been standardized to reflect this policy. With the exception of health conditions and disabilities, clients who complete MyCareerProfile.com assessments and programs are matched to appropriate careers according to their abilities, interests and other attributes, regardless of their age, social background, gender or race.

Browser accessibility: Our assessment website has been developed to W3C standards. Those assessment administrators who are interested in administer some tests without timers, special arrangements can be made by contacting MyCareersProfile.com.