FEaTS Users

Many professional careers practitioners were trained to use the original Future Education and Training Series(FEaTS) which was the name given to the early edition of this product suite. Those practitioners who were trained, can now access the new MyCareersProfile.com system with no additional training required. Some significant improvements have been introduced to enhance the experience for both the test administrator and the clients to deliver better results:

Improvements with the New MyCareersProfile.com Service


Old Features With FEaTS Improvements with MyCareersProfile.com
Paper and pencil administration only Now available entirely online
Test Administration required personal facilitation and was time consuming Tests and assessments can be taken from home or anywhere with internet access. The entire administration process is managed by the system including invitation, explanations about the tests and timing of the tests
Administration numbers limited by the physical environment available to the practitioner (room space) Limitless capability of the numbers that can simultaneously take the tests. Schools and colleges can set up hundreds of young people to take the assessments at the same time. Lists of client details can be uploaded quickly from an Excel/CSV file and the assessment campaign can be set up and started in minutes
Questions were printed in black and white and were not inspiring to the test taker All test questions are now delivered online in full colour with interesting diagrams, easy to read typeface and clear buttons for selecting choices
Special Needs provision was costly and required printing of large print edition of books Tests are delivered in a format that allows you to increase the size of the fonts for those partially sighted clients.
Scoring – This was conducted manually using norm look up tables or manually or by having to send away the answer sheets in bulk to an external agency for marking and report generation. Scoring is automatic based on the selected norm groups by the administrator.
Reports – Generated using Optical Marking Reader (OMR). Timescale for turnaround 5-14 days minimum. Reports can be generated instantly using the administrator interface of MycareersProfile.com which are based on a series of sophisticated scoring algorithms and an expert narrative rule base.
Reporting- Originally only available in Black and white Vibrant full colour reports that are inspiring and engaging to read
Norms- Excellent cross section of norms covering both age and education levels were developed using the same norm groups across all 11 tests The excellent norms have been further improved and mapped to all of the new curriculum levels for England/Northern Ireland and Scotland. These can be selected and set up as part of an assessment campaign. Further norms are currently being collected for additional groupings.
Careers mapping – The careers questionnaire was mapped to the broad headings of the Careers Library Classification Index (CLCI). Further investigation to look at specific job roles required the practitioner to personally research these using the CLCI handbook. This was both time consuming for the practitioner but also required significant preparation time prior to client engagements. The Careers questionnaire has been updated and mapped to the more up to date Connexions Resource Centre Index (CRCI) which contains a wider range of job groups and careers choices. The expert report instantly identifies the preferred careers groupings (as before) however a rank ordered list of jobs is provided in order of suitability. The rank ordering is based on the results of the person’s ability and aptitude and skills tests relative to educational standards and requirements of the role.

Both the individual and careers practitioner are able to explore any of the job roles listed by clicking on the job on the list. This is dynamically linked to a secure “Career zone” area online which provides many pages of information about the job role, work climate, salary expectations and educational requirements. Furthermore some 200 interactive videos are distributed amongst nearly 1000 different job descriptions to make the careers search interesting and engaging for the person and the supporting careers guidance practitioner. This information can be printed off or saved with a PDF creation button on the site.

Although it was a temptation to limit the choice of selected job roles based on the sophisticated rank ordering, we have chosen to provide a wider range of jobs for the individual and practitioner to explore together. Research with both practitioners and clients has indicated there are often negative effects with clients when the options are reduced too quickly using automated scoring. Instances of disenchanted young people complaining that “the system told me I could either be a road sweeper or a politician” have reflected poorly on both the practitioners delivering the service and also the organisations that deliver such results. In line with best practice, the MyCareersProfile.com system delivers both careers direction and refinement of choice, but still provides the opportunity to explore new and interesting job roles which may never have been considered by the client before.

To register with MyCareersProfile.com as a test user, Please contact us at contact@mycareersprofile.com or call us Tel: +44 (0)1786 870009. We can provide a quick tutorial to show you how to use the easy-to-use and intuitive assessment system.