My Careers Preferences Assessment

Timing: Untimed (Approximately 20-25 minutes)

When the MyCareersProfile assessment series were originally developed, it was extremely important to careers guidance practitioners to have the careers interest guide linked to the Career Guidance Classification Index (CLCI). In the most recent update to this assessment, an improved mapping has been introduced, linking test results to the more contemporary Connexions Resource Centre Index (CRCI).

In developing the questionnaire, the test authors wanted to avoid using more “broad-brush” careers models that take a simplistic approach to careers linking. These types of models are a fairly “blunt” instruments and it was felt that in the modern era, they could be more accurate and sophisticated in their methodology when dealing with the sensitive nature of selecting a person’s future careers choice.

The questionnaire has been developed following detailed analysis of multiple roles across the entire spectrum of job families. The questions ask candidate about their interest in each of these activities and whether they like or dislike the activity. The assessment results deliver a more accurate mapping to each of the 24 job families. The top job families amongst these are selected for more in depth investigation. Further sophistication is added by rank ordering the job roles within the selected job families based on a person’s ability, aptitude and interest scores. These are then separated into two different groups of “higher” fit and “lower” fit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although the scoring system has enabled a detailed level of sophistication and filtering when selecting and rank ordering job roles, MyCareersProfile have avoided reducing the choices to only a few job roles. There has been significant criticism of other careers systems that give a client a final career choice which they perhaps dislike. This not only demotivates the person but also makes it very difficult for the careers advisor to explore their options more widely.

Furthermore, with changes in world of work, sticking to a single career is now a relatively outdated concept and most people expect over a lifetime that they may have to embark on a range of different career roles. Therefore, the MyCareersProfile reports do highlight the most appropriate job groups as well as provides a sophisticated rank ordering of job roles. However we do not discount roles as this discussion can be facilitated with a trained careers practitioner who can discuss each role in context of their personal circumstances and also their other test scores.