What Motivates Me Assessment

Timing: Untimed (Approximately 5 minutes)

This assessment has been designed to aid the identification of what motivates candidates to pursue a particular vocation. This is helpful in suggesting potential alternatives which might fulfil the same drive, or in assessing the likelihood that an individual will remain satisfied with a particular course.

The scales were established by asking approximately 40 tutors in different subject areas to list the three main reasons that students enrolled on their vocational courses. The most commonly mentioned motivators were:

The purpose of this exercise is for you to find out which situations and things motivate, encourage and inspire you.  The exercise looks at what you find most motivating and encouraging which may well help you to decide which course of study or career you might be best to follow.

Motivation Scale

Service motive

An interest in helping others and in playing a caring or supportive role.

Interest Motive

The preference to develop and existing interest or skill in an occupation.

Image Motive

The need to have a job which appears fashionable, or in line with a defined set of values which are congruent to the individual concerned.

Status Motive

A drive to take up employment where promotion opportunities are likely to be good and management positions attainable.

Money Motive

Describing the motivation to achieve work which is perceived as being well paid.