My Careers Profile – Advanced Explorer Report

The Advanced Explorer Report is our most comprehensive integrated assessment of abilities, aptitudes, skills, motivation, learning styles and working styles. The scores on the assessments allow clients to be compared to a range of appropriate national comparison groups, however we encourage practitioners to also explore the shape of the “profile” to focus on the individuals own strengths and underlying abilities.

Careers Advice in the Digital Age

Moving from Paper to Online

Paper based administration of assessments can often be cumbersome, time consuming and there are significant delays in turning around the scoring and generation of expert narrative reports. For this reason, have automated the entire process, so that test administration, scoring and reporting are all conducted digitally so that expert narrative reports are generated instantly using sophisticated scientific analysis of the persons psychological profile. Not only does this make the process efficient, but it also helps improve the clients motivation, encouraging them to learn about their result without delays.

Below are a series of useful links to explore elements of the profile further: