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Careers guidance and careers education are a pivotal element of any school’s curriculum and provide the context by which young people develop their skills and evolve their true potential.

The MyCareersProfile suite of tools were developed by Careers Guidance Experts in partnership with over 40 different schools and colleges throughout the UK and Ireland. With national benchmarking data across all core age groups and levels, our services operate at the forefront of modern careers guidance practice. We provide young people with tailored, practical and inspiring careers advice and direction, building on the dedicated support already provided within schools.

MyCareersProfile services help students from all backgrounds to explore their future options and to plan their next steps. We deliver external and independent expertise that can help enrich and enhance a school’s existing careers programmes through delivering high quality CEIAG.

Flexible Independent Careers Guidance Services

We provide 3 different service options for Schools to choose. Each option is offered to help reflect the differing budget availability, capacity and levels of internal qualified staff available within the school:

Direct Access

Provision of Administrator access for using the the MyCareersProfile online platform and full access to all tests and expert reports. Schools can administer their own careers programmes using their own fully qualified staff.

Managed Service

MyCareersProfile can provide professional services with fully qualified and experienced careers advisors. We help to extend your own staff’s expertise and knowledge supporting your insights into future careers and higher education. We can discuss a package to suit your schools particular resources and preferred approach and timeframes.

Partner Access

A school or college may already have a preferred external careers provider for independent careers advise. If you would like to use our services, MyCareersProfile can work with the chosen partner providing them with access and administrator rights to manage and deliver the MyCareersProfile assessment suite.

New Global Economy Requires an Improved, Broader Careers Outlook

With a global economy recovering from a deep recession, the crowded jobs market is increasingly competitive at every level, particularly for school leavers and graduates. With sweeping changes in the education system, and the accelerating costs of higher education in the UK, careers guidance support in schools will have an ever increasing and critical role to play. As young people begin higher education, it is perhaps a little daunting to know that with the speed of changes in technology, many jobs currently available today may cease to exist tomorrow. Conversely, new technologies bring many new job roles, career pathways and fresh opportunities.

This new working climate creates a challenge for the schools and parents trying to support young people in their decision making. How do you prepare for a job role that doesn’t yet exist? How do we help a young person to stand out from the crowd? is here to help. We build a greater understanding of a young person’s broader attributes and careers interests. Our careers matching technology enables you to consider the wider options available to young people, but also to focus in on the details of a specific job role.

By providing independent and impartial advice, careers guidance is personalised and delivered in a flexible ways to meet the needs of the individual. To discuss which option may suit your school or college please call us on Tel: +44 (0)1786 870009 or email us: