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Professional Careers Guidance and Support for Young People and Parents provides professional careers guidance services in support of young people and their parents. We help them to make the right choices with their decisions about future education, training and careers choices. Our services can be provided directly or through schools throughout UK.

Making the Right Choices -Which Career Path?

Quality careers guidance and the development of young people’s transferable skills are critical in the later school years when they are deciding about the right career path. Understanding more about the working world outside education, helps provide a “clarity” and “purpose” whilst studying. It also helps enhance motivation and personal confidence to move forward and achieve goals.

Understanding a Young Person’s True Potential

Although we learn a lot about ourselves through life, many of us often learn the important things about
our true potential far too late. Quality careers guidance in the early years is key to making sure that young
people understand their strengths and are equipped to make informed choices.

The sophisticated psychometric profiling tools provided at MyCareersProfile are scientifically developed for this purpose. They help evaluate the important areas of potential, enabling a young person to succeed in their future career and education. The profile measures 11 different attributes including their general ability and aptitude, skills, learning styles, motivation, personal style and careers preferences.

Each of these attributes are then considered alongside a library of nearly 1000 different career titles generating a list of rank ordered job roles that are the closest fit based on the individuals results provided in the tests.

New Global Economy Requires an Improved, Broader Careers Outlook

With a global economy recovering from a deep recession, the crowded jobs market is increasingly competitive at every level, particularly for school leavers and graduates. With sweeping changes in the education system, and the accelerating costs of higher education in the UK, careers guidance support in schools will have an ever increasing and critical role to play.

As young people begin higher education, it is perhaps a little daunting to know that with the speed of changes in technology, many jobs currently available today may cease to exist tomorrow. Conversely, new technologies bring many new job roles, career pathways and fresh opportunities . This new working climate creates a challenge for the schools and parents trying to support young people in their decision making. How do you prepare for a job role that doesn’t yet exist? How do we help a young person to stand out from the crowd? are here to help. We build a greater understanding of a young persons broader attributes, motives and careers interests. Our careers matching technology enables you to consider the wider options available to you, but also to focus in on the details of specific roles.

By providing independent and impartial advice, careers guidance is personalised and delivered in a flexible ways to meet the needs of the individual. Our job matching technology enables you with a choice to explore broader more suitable job groups or to begin to narrow down your search to a handful of appropriate job roles that meet your individual needs and interests.

If you would like to experience the profiling services from MyCareersprofile, please email us at and we can talk through the various profile options.

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